Simple Wellness Steps

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Many times when people want to start living a healthier lifestyle, it can be intimidating because of all the information out there. However, just starting is the biggest step of all as long as you start small. Small steps just to get started can help in big ways:

  1. Drink More Water. You may not realize just how beneficial hydration is for your body. Drinking 8 cups of 8 ounces of water a day (64 oz daily) is the benchmark. However the suggested daily amount for you specifically depends on your height and weight, so it could be more or less than 64 oz of water daily.
  2. Make healthier choices when eating and drinking. I will discuss options in more detail in upcoming blogs. For now, think yogurt, greek yogurt, all kinds of berries, chia seeds, cottage cheese, greens such as kale and spinach, almonds, lean meats (chicken, turkey), fish (salmon, tuna), beans, lentils and cauliflower. These are all great sources of health and energy, as well as protein.
  3. Start walking, dance zumba, play sports and other fun low impact activities to start burning calories, build stamina and increase cardiovascular strength.
  4. If you have a dog, walking or running with them is a great way to motivate and inspire exercise.
  5. When the weather is nice, get a group together and take a nature walk or hike, at a park, gardens, arboretums and other beautiful places.
  6. Exercising with friends and family is a great way to keep motivated. Having fun will not make it feel like exercise!

Remember, starting is the most important thing. I will write again soon, cheers to your health!


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