The Best Foods For Headache Relief

Like myself, many people get all types of headaches that can be very painful. In addition to using aromatherapy, meditation and other relaxing methods, there are certain foods that can help ease your headache pain. Below is an article describing healthy foods that can help with headache pain. 


The Best Foods For Headaches

Experts agree that knowing your triggers is one of the best ways to avoid the searing or pounding pain of a headache.

Triggers can be diet-related, and chronic headache sufferers often learn which eats and drinks are best for them to avoid. But if certain foods are off limits, are there also foods that help?

The evidence is less convincing, but there are a few potential pain-savers. The six foods below probably won’t make a headache disappear completely, but they do seem to have preventive powers.

  • 6 Honorable Mention: Almonds

    A small body of research has examined the importance of magnesium when it comes to treating migraines, without many concrete findings. The authors of a 2012 comment published in the Journal of Neural Transmission write that while magnesium seems to offer some potential in migraineprevention, there’s little to suggest it would help mid-headache. Because it’s relatively safe, they don’t caution against it, but merely warn there’s not enough evidence yet to assume all headache sufferers will benefit. Should you opt to go the magnesium route, almonds are a good bet, with 80 milligrams per serving.

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