Do You Know Your Blood Type?

Do you know your blood type? There are many health reasons to know your blood type. You may have questions about your health issues that your blood type can answer! You can also find out if you have a potential for any serious health issues due to your family history and blood type. And if there are health goals that you want to achieve, knowing your blood type can help how to best achieve your goals. Below is an article describing 10 reasons for why knowing your blood type is important. 

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True Blood: 10 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Blood Type


Just because sexy movie vampires don’t seem to care about blood typing as they guzzle, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. If you remember testing your blood in high school (where at least one person was sure to pass out) then you know there are only four major blood types: A, B, AB, and O. Guess what? Knowing your blood type could save your life.

Your blood is an individual ID kit. Knowing your blood type can help you determine your susceptibility to certain diseases and ailments. It can let you know how medication will affect you or whether you’re a carrier of a less than desirable genetic trait. Need more evidence on the benefits of blood typing? Here are 10 reasons why determining blood type is key.

1. Blood Clots
Danish scientists have identified a link between those with AB blood type and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVTs are blood clots in the lower legs that can be life threatening if they break free and travel to the heart or lungs. Those with A or B type blood are at a slightly higher risk.

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2. Heart Disease
The risk of coronary heart disease may also be linked to blood types. And AB was found to have a much higher risk than O, A and B were both slightly higher than O.


3. Fertility
If you’re having trouble getting pregnant,you should start with blood typing. Studies have shown that those with type O may have fewer viable eggs than other blood types.


4. Stomach Cancer
Other factors have to be considered as well but, a those with type A blood have a higher risk for stomach cancer.


5. Stress
Blood typing can be used to help you manage stress. Research shows that people with type A tend to have higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.


6. Gut Bacteria
People from different origins around the world have developed digestive tracts to accommodate their diets and environment. Blood type can also provide information on the state of your gut andintestinal bacteria.


7. Nutrition & Weight Loss
Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo introduced the Blood Type Diet in the late 90s. Whether or not it has scientific merit is still up for debate.


8. Transfusion
Blood typing is important to consider when donating or receiving blood because some types aren’t compatible. In an emergency, knowing your blood type can mean the difference between life and death.  If your type is extremely rare, you might consider banking some of your own blood for emergencies.


9. Pregnancy
When you’re pregnant an Rh test, which detects a particular protein in the blood, is standard. If you are Rh positive, you don’t need to worry about the baby’s Rh. However, if you’re Rh negative and your baby is Rh positive you may have issues with subsequent pregnancies. Luckily, with medication and monitoring mom and baby are usually fine.


10. Helping Others
Everyone, who is able, should donate blood. Hospitals are usually short of type O, the most common, and O-negative which is the universal blood type and is used for emergency transfusions.


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