Types of Massage

bg-massageMassages are great for pain relief and relaxation, but to get that relief you need to choose the right kind of massage for you. Personally I found out that deep tissue massage with accupressure is wrong for me.  It was very painful and intense, because they pressed in so deep and my muscles were so tight. My breath was pushed out of me and I had to breath out hard, like I do when I exercise.  After each deep pressure part they rub it to soothe the pain. I felt better right after the massage but my back started hurting that same evening. My whole body was in a lot of pain for 5 days, especially my neck, shoulders and lower back. Soreness is expected the first couple days because of the muscle adjustments, but you are expected to feel a lot of relief after the soreness is gone. However I did not feel any relief.  Injuries can happen from deep tissue massage and I think that is what happened to me. This kind of massage does help some people with pain but it did not work for me.

The week after the painful deep tissue massage, I had a Swedish massage with hot stone treatment and it was really relaxing. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after it. The massage was more gentle and therapeutic and the hot towels followed by more massage and then hot stones was a blissful experience, I almost fell asleep! My pain was gone and I felt great!

Massages are not cheap so to find good deals I searched Groupon. I recommend Groupon highly because you get great deals, especially if you want to save money like I always do.

There is a great article I found that describes different types of massage and the experience of each kind really well, I suggest reading this if you want more information on what types of massage are available and what could be best for you.




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